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    We Are! The New Year

    Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States
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    Number 99 With An Anchor stepped by DrTran
    Genres: Pop, Punk
    BPM: 155 Plays: 3,693
    Length: 2:25 Play Time: 94 hours

    We Are! The New Year Biography

    WE ARE! THE NEW YEAR is a highly energetic pop-punk band with constant flow and stage presence from Pennsylvania. They have toured with Just Surrender, Stereo Shout Out, Faster Faster, The Material, Time and Distance, The Fear Of Falling, Here's Looking At You Kid, and shared the stage on tour with bands like The Scenic, The Dangerous Summer, Sparks The Rescue, The Bigger Lights, We Are The In Crowd, All Time Low, Phone Calls From Home, Van Atta High, Bedlight For Blue Eyes, The Hint, Secret Secret Dino Club, Pathway To Providence, The Sophomore Beat, Valencia, and The Right Coast pulling in audiences wherever they play.