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    We Are The Future

    United Kingdom
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    The Girl Oceanic stepped by Xandertrax
    Genres: Electronic, Chiptune, 8bit
    BPM: 180 - 183 Plays: 10,459
    Length: 4:47 Play Time: 475 hours

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    Im Ashley Emery and i live in Bournemouth UK, ive been writing music on LSDJ for a while now and have enjoyed my time very much, i planning on releasing new material in the very near future and would love to tour the uk again.

    I started writing under the alias Falco Lombardi using nanoloop 1.3 and LSDJ then changed my name due to many reasons to "We Are The Future" (sometimes WeAreTheFuture/WEARETHEFUTURE)and continuing to write music mainly using lsdj.

    The has been a recent Hiatus to which i had many reasons for but am now back, for good, to continue to write the music ive become known for.