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    Vospi ThirdStyle Levels (All)

    Video Out E stepped by MrTea
    Genres: Piano, Breakbeat, Experimental
    BPM: 109 - 218 Plays: 3,308
    Length: 3:06 Play Time: 63 hours
    Waltz of Melted Snow stepped by MrTea
    Genres: Jazz, Piano
    BPM: 118 - 235 Plays: 9,684
    Length: 2:20 Play Time: 174 hours
    Nervous stepped by Xandertrax
    Genres: Electronic, DnB
    BPM: 174 Plays: 10,156
    Length: 6:03 Play Time: 414 hours
    Excessive Sex stepped by Zero
    Genres: Electronic, Breakbeat
    BPM: 130 Plays: 2,380
    Length: 2:07 Play Time: 50 hours
    Eating Candies stepped by DrTran
    Genres: Jazz, DnB
    BPM: 180 Plays: 4,514
    Length: 2:41 Play Time: 130 hours

    Vospi Biography

    Nickname Vospi is based on the word «воспитанный» (spelled vospitanniy) which means something like courteous in Russian. So the word is just cut. I play piano and guitar (though I'm certainly an amateur as a performer), also I study vocal, but sequencing, writing and mixing are my favourites and main focuses. I believe in miracles that happen between people. I like dreaming and listening to the inner euphory. Also I hate my sloppy English :)

    To the moment of my career, I've hit several music games' tracklists, such as: Pump It Up Fiesta EX, Pump It Up Pro 2, iDance 1-2, DJManiax, Third Style, Flash Flash Revolution. My influences are: Gackt, The Cranberries, London Elektricity, Frou Frou, Imogen Heap, Guy Sigsworth, m-flo, Miles Davis, Tomosuke, Spor, Noisia, Pendulum, Yoko Kanno, «Сплин», Земфира, «Мумий Тролль», capsule.