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    Tom Encore

    Warsaw, Poland
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    Jig stepped by Zero
    Genres: Electronic, Dubstep, Experimental
    BPM: 55 - 276 Plays: 10,978
    Length: 2:03 Play Time: 273 hours

    Tom Encore Biography

    Tom Encore (aka Tomasz Stempniewicz) is a dj and producer from Warsaw, Poland. Signed to Excision's Rottun Recordings. A living grinding machine able to mash up all your favourite music: from wonky, glitch-hop or skwee to dubstep, hip-hop and drum&bass, creating a high energy mixture of bass-driven beats. His talent was appreciated in his native Poland, where at age of 21 he'd already given hundreds of gigs and was picked the best Polish DJ of the year 2008, as well as by clubbers and DJs all around the world. After being featured on BBC Radio 1 and Rinse FM, Tom Encore is gaining more attention fast. Supported by many DJs and acts worldwide, such as Dirtyphonics, Excision, Gaslamp Killer, Foreign Beggars, John B, Dansette Junior, Dieselboy or Starkey to name a few.