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    Thanks Jamie!! @sakisister24 #towtowtow
    6 years ago
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    That crack in our windshield? Oh, thats from a truck kicking up a rock, or space debris
    7 years ago
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    I was called the most gorgeous Waffle Stomper (Chris wasn't there). Who am I?
    7 years ago
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    We're in South Carolina but we lost Cam Newton's number :( Who wants to host a sexy six boy slumber party?
    7 years ago
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    Tell those sweet as pie bikers in Tennessee I said hi
    7 years ago
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    The Waffle Stompers are a Post-Ska (it ain't the 90's anymore) band from New Jersey. Deal with it.

    We love to play live, the bigger the stage the bigger the performance. We've toured all over the country so if you want to see us live hit us up and we'll try our damndest to work it out.

    We released a parody cover of 'Somebody that I used to know' where the six of us played a single ukulele. The video went viral and got us a lot of national exposure. We know Walk Off The Earth did it on a guitar, that's the joke. We were never on Ellen, but we were on the Today Show.

    Let's be friends.