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    Acoustic video of one of our new jams coming soon! #getstoked
    6 years ago
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    The songs keep coming. Up to 20 ideas for the new record!!! #getstoked
    6 years ago
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    The Honesty

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    The Honesty Biography

    "This sound is new, it's fresh, it's unique, and boy is it powerful," that's what you think every time you listen to The Honesty.

    This solo rock phenomenon started in June of 2011 with singer/guitarist/drummer Mikey Davis (ex The Bigger Lights [Doghouse Records]). He pushed the boundaries to meld a sound comprised of Rock, Pop, Alternative, Pop-Punk, and Indie that's so edgy and energetic you can't stand still.

    "I set out for a sound different to our scene," Mikey says as he explains the edginess and energy behind The Honesty's sound. "I wanted to stay true to myself while coming out with something new. I just want to make good, honest, relate-able music that you want to move around to."

    Hailing from Baltimore, MD, The Honesty pumps out a concoction of unbelievably catchy melodies, and unforgettable vocals that will keep you coming back for more. Their forthcoming EP 'Find Comfort Here' will be released on November 1, 2011. It consists of 3 unforgettably catchy songs all written, performed, and produced by Mikey himself.

    "I put my heart and soul in to my songs, and hopefully those feelings come across on our record," says Mikey.

    Plans for 2012? The Honesty has big ones at that. With a forthcoming release, they plan on hitting the road for the remainder of the year, so make sure to catch them when they hit your town!

    "I expect great things from these guys in 2012. You can see there dedication everywhere: in there songs, on the web, and in the crowds. Their music is infectious, and so are they. Ask their fans, they'll tell to you." - Bryan of