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    The Flashbulb

    Chicago, Illinois, United States
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    Dishevel stepped by Housekeeper
    Genres: Grindcore, Breakcore
    BPM: 186 - 427 Plays: 2,267
    Length: 2:07 Play Time: 51 hours

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    Jordan was born in Georgia in 1978 and moved to Chicago to live with his grandparents at a young age. Influenced by the local jazz scene, Jordan was an accomplished self-taught guitarist as a child. Due to being left-handed and not having lessons, he learned to play a right-handed guitar upside down, which he continues to do. He began his music career releasing instrumental music on small labels in the United States and Europe in 1996 under various aliases, most notably The Flashbulb, and years later he began to work as a freelance composer for various television and film agencies. In 2006, The Flashbulb toured and worked with The Dillinger Escape Plan which helped diversify his listeners. Benn is still an active jazz guitar player and drummer at Chicago venues.