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    Sweatshirt Weather

    Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
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    Fall And 106 stepped by Xandertrax
    Genres: Pop-Rock, Electro
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    Sweatshirt Weather Biography

    Fit for sweet summertime blasting, SWEATSHIRT WEATHER have burst onto the national pop/rock scene with their newly released EP, Getting By. Hailing from Indianapolis, the band solidified its lineup in January of 2011 after adding bassist Chad Kulaga, and has since shared the stage with the likes of pop heavy weights The Bigger Lights, The Fold, and Take Cover – all while landing the number one single on PureVolume for two weeks following the new record’s release.

    It’s not often that a band is gifted the privilege of working with two celebrated producers, let alone one – SWEATSHIRT WEATHER lived the musician’s dream in working with Jim Wirt (Jack’s Mannequin, The Rocket Summer, The Real You) and Rob Freeman (Hit the Lights, Armor for Sleep, Parade the Day) on their latest effort, Getting By. “It’s been a long process, but we’re grateful to have worked with Jim and Rob in two different sessions,” says drummer Nate Adams in regards to the recording process. “Working with Rob on the second half of the record was one of the easiest studio experiences we’ve ever had – he’s a true musician, and he related
    to us well.”

    Don’t let SWEATSHIRT WEATHER’s polished pop aura fool you – the four-piece outfit is as rugged as they come. Letting their DIY tactics pave the way to success, the band has taken the bull by the horns in self-booking a handful of Midwest and East Coast dates since 2009. The band’s new single “Be Someone” has caught the attention of digital music junkies everywhere, which has subsequently flooded the SWEATSHIRT WEATHER social media world with followers and fans. “It’s great to see that people are actually checking out the music on a regular basis,” says Adams. Even when summer expires, SWEATSHIRT WEATHER will bring out the whimsical, feathery spirit in any listener.