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    sleeplessdragn ThirdStyle Levels (All)

    Color Of Giggles stepped by Patashu
    Genres: Electronic, Happy Hardcore
    BPM: 200 Plays: 16,209
    Length: 1:51 Play Time: 269 hours
    Is So Fun [as Klare] stepped by Xandertrax, Vote4Nixon
    Genres: Electronic, DnB
    BPM: 191 Plays: 18,166
    Length: 3:30 Play Time: 599 hours

    sleeplessdragn Biography

    sleeplessdragn (also klare) is an in-house music artist for the website and game Flash Flash Revolution, as well FFR original games such as SpinItUp! and FFR R2. Track list includes such titles as “Carousel Paradise”, “Color Of Giggles”, and “Roller Coaster Ride”. Has been active since about 2004.

    sleeplessdragn has also made appearances in Stepmania.