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    Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence stepped by Patashu
    Genres: Electronic, Trance, Fusion
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    sasakure.UK Biography

    In September, 2011, sasakure.UK headed a pre-opening event at the (Japan Media Arts Festival in Dortmund 2011, organized by Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs as a part of the German-Japanese "150 Years of Friendship" celebrations. There, he performed live together with artists Momoiro Clover Z and Naohiro Ukawa under the banner "sasakure.UK feat. Hatsune Miku" for the first time abroad. The live performance received rave reviews and became the starting shot for what has since become sasakure.UK's quite sizable European fan-base.

    In order to widen his own musical expression, sasakure.UK has helped produce for the musical forefront "super player" group UK Rampage, as well as participating in their live performances around Shibuya and Akihabara. He has also composed songs for the voice actress slash singer Ai Shimizu, collaborated with the American singer BECCA and worked on a great load of remixes of Square Enix game music. In a nutshell, he is an artist active in a wide range of areas, truly a product of the social networking generation and a contemporary artist to keep an eye out for.