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    Michigan, United States
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    Midnight Forever stepped by ichliebekase
    Genres: Rock
    BPM: 174 - 175 Plays: 4,289
    Length: 3:47 Play Time: 163 hours
    End of the Earth stepped by ichliebekase
    Genres: Rock
    BPM: 134 - 166 Plays: 4,989
    Length: 3:19 Play Time: 164 hours

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    Detroit, Michigan based rock outfit Rotation is pushing the envelope and shaking things up in a stagnant scene. Not content to follow the cookie-cutter approach of 99 percent of today's rock bands, Rotation continues to innovate and devastate with organic, yet precision recordings and dark, theatrical live performances.

    To quote the vocalist Andy, "Rotation keeps it real. Real mysterious".