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    ProtoDome ThirdStyle Levels (All)

    JPEG_Jive. stepped by Xandertrax
    Genres: Jazz, 8bit
    BPM: 38 - 546 Plays: 8,045
    Length: 2:35 Play Time: 198 hours
    On the Origin of Species (Evolution) stepped by SkRAWRk
    Genres: Electronica, Chiptune, Video Game
    BPM: 100 Plays: 6,430
    Length: 1:34 Play Time: 110 hours

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    ProtoDome Biography

    Blake Troise, aka. ProtoDome, is found commonly on OCReMix posting on the forums and contributing music to the album projects and other works. He plays saxophone and likes to infuse old school game music with a selection of classy jazz, some smooth piano and sound effects from the games themselves. Blake isn't a one trick pony though, he's also dabbled in chiptune and likes to keep his music experimental and creative, preferring not to stick to one genre above others. Most of his music is available online for free, so make sure you check it out!