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    “Beep Boop”
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    Last Active: Nov. 23, 2017
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    Just some guy from Lithuania enjoying rhythm games. Not that i'm good at them, but i'm still learning ^-^...Anyways, hope to see ya guys in the chat or the forums or w/e ^^.
    ---------------------------------------- will be upload replays for download on LOLreplay, will upload quality content only, i promise! (Lulu support unappreciated)
    To do list:
    Force myself to watch 1 EP of MLP, Check!
    Get Archlord by June, 2013, Check!;
    Extra: Arrow Domiminator by June, 2013 (?);
    Step a file and upload it to TS;
    Befriend more people on TS;
    Come up with more things to do;
    Gaming (RTS, RPG, Strategy, FPS, Rhythm, Hack n Slash, Arcade...almost everything i think);
    Talking to people on TS, discussing, helping people;
    Basketball, Darts;
    Watching sports;
    Having a good time with friends/family/anyone;
    Stepping charts and not finishing them;
    Being lazy;
    Other stuff that is interesting, but too lazy to fill it in
    Almost everything, i have periods of listening to a certain genre tbh. Now it's dubstep, but it's coming to an end.
    There are different favourite movies in every genre, but just to give you a feel how different they are, i love Matrix and The Bucket list
    Mostly fantasy stuff, sometimes other stuff, i don't read much anymore
    Highschool student
    What is educomatination?

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    Creatures ov Deception
    hard - 363rd - 212,738 - 15.7%
    2 years ago
    Creatures ov Deception
    hard - 366th - 199,356 - 14.5%
    2 years ago
    Creatures ov Deception
    hard - 359th - 241,612 - 18%
    2 years ago

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