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    Hey there you're probably wondering who I am (or not who knows definitely not me) my name is Tyler Yost, but I most preferably go by the surname of Toasty. I have been playing TS since its beta version, I also used to play FFR. No I haven't done any stepfiles, well I can't say that but not on here or FFR. I'm a very laid back person, also too caring of other people as my friends say but hey that's what happens when you have a big heart :) If by any chance you are struggling with life or just depression in general please I welcome you to talk about it, life can be pretty hard and unfair but that doesn't mean you should give up :) You should always be finding purposes to make you smile and make your heart shine bright :)
    FFR (at times).
    Playing guitar and piano.
    Writing new material for my band.
    Watching a crap ton of anime everyday XD
    Reading manga
    Being a nerd
    Toasts are amazing by the way
    Sometimes I like to lather myself in butter and squeeze into tight spaces in my house :P Jealous? Don't worry, I'm sure one day you can perfect that art. Don't give up :D
    ^The fact I wrote that with a straight face, is waaaaaaay beyond me XD If you really think I do, well all I can do is take that into consideration and just continue doing what I do and same applies for you. I hope one day we can both squeeze into tight spaces, but for now It's still a long distant journey for you my toastling :D
    Laying down in open fields and cloud gazing/ star gazing and sleeping :)
    Attack! Attack!
    Asking Alexandria
    A Day To Remember
    AmeDeus (old local band near me)
    Bring Me The Horizon (preferably old stuff)
    Bullet For My Valentine (preferably old stuff)
    Closer 2 Closure (kellin quinns acoustic stuff before SWS)
    Cute Is What We Aim For
    Dear Whoever
    Dropkick Murphys
    Escape The Fate
    Falling in Reverse (old stuff and new album)
    From Autumn to Ashes
    From First To Last
    Funeral For A Friend
    Hawthorne Heights (R.I.P Casey Calvert)
    Johnny Cash
    Linkin Park (hybrid theory and meteora preferably)
    Lostprophets (before Ian was a sick derranged fuck)
    Metro Station (yes I went there xD)
    Morgan's Accident (old local band near me)
    Motionless In White
    My Chemical Romance
    Never Shout Never
    Nobuo Uematsu
    Oceans Ate Alaska
    Pierce The Veil
    Plug In Stereo
    Rookiez is Punk'd
    Sleeping With Sirens
    Story of the Year
    Sum 41
    Taking Back Sunday
    Tear Out The Heart
    Tempting Paris
    That's Outrageous
    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    The Legitimate Excuse
    To Catch a Fox
    We Came as Romans
    Yasunori Mitsuda
    Books YAY :D
    The Inferno
    Edgar Allen Poe :D
    The Brothers Grimm Fairy-tales


    Aww, no badges for TheHeartless :(

    The New York Chainsaw Massacre Pt. II
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    Things That Rhyme With Orange
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    FFX Battle Theme
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    9 months ago

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