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    Hi! My name is Louise Miller - a copywriter, a rewriter, an optimizer, a seller of services and goods through an effective advertising syllable, a delicate psychologist of purchasing souls who has many years of experience in business and trade.
    In other words: I write texts! Clear and simple texts for websites, easily and with pleasure read (at least I try to make them exactly so). But this does not mean that I can not rewrite any scientific work. I like the work of a copywriter. I work for those who need a meaningful and competent unique content for the sale of goods and services and deliberate filling of the site with meaningful and interesting articles. This is a unique content of information and advertising nature, written for people in an accessible and understandable language and simultaneously well perceived by search engines.
    Books, poem , films
    Taylor Swift, Madonna. Films : Black Panther, Troy, Avatar.
    Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Berenice, The Purloined Letter
    blogger, writer


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