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    Padlock ThirdStyle Levels (All)

    Edit (Padlock Remix) stepped by Zero
    Genres: IDM, Breakcore
    BPM: 200 Plays: 1,314
    Length: 2:43 Play Time: 33 hours
    /Mu/tant Corecore stepped by Jonny
    Genres: Hardcore, Grindcore, Breakcore, Speedcore
    BPM: 260 Plays: 16,851
    Length: 0:43 Play Time: 136 hours

    Padlock Biography

    Hi. I'm Padlock. I've been producing music for about 4 years now, and I'm showing no signs of stopping soon. I'm 18. I live in Florida. I usually produce breakcore and IDM, but every so often, I like to try something different and new. I enjoy anime and manga, am a total dork, and am fun to talk to most of the time. Don't be afraid to chat with me. I like having (somewhat) intelligent conversations with people. Especially people who make good music. That's about it. Goodbye.