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    Or4nges ThirdStyle Levels (All)

    Pick and Choose stepped by ChloMoDJz
    Genres: DnB
    BPM: 82 - 165 Plays: 12,042
    Length: 1:55 Play Time: 206 hours
    Platform stepped by AetherFlaer
    Genres: Chiptune, Video Game
    BPM: 100 Plays: 7,505
    Length: 2:04 Play Time: 173 hours
    Copypasta stepped by Vote4Nixon
    Genres: Electronic, Trance
    BPM: 144 Plays: 2,752
    Length: 2:40 Play Time: 85 hours
    Long Time, No See stepped by DrTran
    Genres: Trance, Dub
    BPM: 150 Plays: 6,013
    Length: 2:08 Play Time: 138 hours

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    Sometimes I like to mash my face on the keyboard until music happens.

    I've been producing with FL Studio since November 2010. I do lots of genres: Dance, Trance, House, Dubstep, Ambient, etc.