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    odaxelagnia ThirdStyle Levels (All)

    Dancecore Dream stepped by Jonny
    Genres: Breakcore, Happy Hardcore
    BPM: 200 Plays: 2,542
    Length: 1:56 Play Time: 40 hours
    Alice Underwater stepped by Jonny
    Genres: DnB, Breakcore
    BPM: 120 Plays: 7,524
    Length: 2:06 Play Time: 156 hours
    The Invasion From Within stepped by Jonny
    Genres: Breakcore, Speedcore
    BPM: 240 Plays: 13,465
    Length: 1:42 Play Time: 224 hours

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    We are odaxelagnia, a two-piece electronic music project, that formed in 2009. We focus on mashcore/breakcore, but sometimes experiment in other genres such as speedcore, IDM, chiptune, noise and j-core.