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    Here's a video of @JoshJKershaw when he heard Nintendo Favorited his 3DS remix.
    7 years ago
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    Jet Set Radio HD runs at 60fps, just like JSRF. That might be a sell for me.
    7 years ago
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    I'd like to think I made progress tonight, but I doubt I really did.
    7 years ago
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    Seems like everybody in the world's been super productive today.
    7 years ago
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    Trying to get together a killer Massive patch together tonight for this track. I'm still new to this. It's tough.
    7 years ago
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    Manchester, United Kingdom
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    CLIFFCORE stepped by Patashu
    Genres: Dance, House
    BPM: 60 - 121 Plays: 4,212
    Length: 2:53 Play Time: 119 hours
    GAYCORE stepped by Patashu
    Genres: Breakcore
    BPM: 77 - 308 Plays: 7,554
    Length: 3:28 Play Time: 229 hours
    PLANETCORE stepped by Patashu
    Genres: Breakcore, Experimental
    BPM: 157 - 314 Plays: 7,062
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    mrSimon Biography

    mrSimon is a computer animator in the gaming industry (For games such as LEGO Rock Band) who creates music as a hobby in his spare time. While tracks from 2001 to 2006 were traditional compositions, tracks from 2007 onwards became more bizzare, noisy and altogether strange, until in early 2010, mrSimon began to settle with dance tracks influenced by French House.

    In 2008, he established Breakbit (Initially known as ROFLtrax), a netlabel dedicated to artists who also enjoy creating electronic music as a hobby.

    Since graduating from University of Bradford with a BSc 1:1 in Computer Animation, I have since been working in the video games industry producing animation for a number of best-selling video games.

    I currently live south of Manchester with a colleague from work. In my spare time, I enjoy producing music, web games, animation and mix-sets.

    My latest commercial project:

    I am currently producing animation for LEGO City Stories, a "new open world game", which will be released exclusivly for the Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Wii U in the future.

    My latest out-of-office project:

    I'm currently producing a Dexters Laboratory homage remix album, heavily inspired by the works of Australian remix musician, Pogo. I hope to launch the album along with a CG promo later this year.