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    Hanibal, New York, United States
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    Mazedude ThirdStyle Levels (All)

    The Fallout of Eli [ft. Brynner Agassi] stepped by Xandertrax
    Genres: Breakbeat, Video Game
    BPM: 146 - 175 Plays: 4,184
    Length: 4:36 Play Time: 203 hours

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    Mazedude Biography

    Christopher Getman has been a jack-of-all-trades in the world of entertainment for several years. He has dabbled in music, sound design, acting, voices, stunts, motion capture, video editing, dvd design, and much more.

    His first love, however, was music. Regardless of what crazy paths life took him on, he never lost the passion for creating unique musical experiences.

    Over time Christopher came to realize that you can only wear so many hats for so long, and has since calmed down a bit to focus on web design. His company, Mazedude Productions, now provides high-end Flash design for clients all over the United States (visit to learn more).

    However, he is still in touch with his musical roots, and still creates kickass music whenever the right project comes along.