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    Making April

    Verplanck, New York, United States
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    Stay The Night stepped by Xandertrax, Vote4Nixon
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    Making April Biography

    Making April was an American piano-based alternative rock band formed in Verplanck, New York, in 2005. The band consisted of vocalist and pianist Sean Scanlon, bassist Gregory Federspiel and guitarist and backing vocalist Steven McCaffrey. Making April was formed in the dorm room of Sean Scanlon and Steven McCaffrey at University at Albany, State University of New York, when they began writing together in early 2005. They were joined by friend Greg Federspiel and recorded five demo songs, that would later become the basis of their eight track debut EP Runaway World. The demos were recorded at Leopard Recording Studio, and self-released under the title My First Demo! in March 2005. Federspiel has said that the name of the band came from the members literally trying to 'make April'. "It was March 2005. After recording our first demos in the studio, we were anxious to put them on Pure Volume and MySpace, yet we didn’t have a name. So we sat there thinking that, ‘we need to have a name by April.’ And so that became the theme of things. Once April 1st came, we still didn’t have anything, and it just hit us. We were trying to ‘make April.’"