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    Lil Deuce Deuce

    United States
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    ASDFSong stepped by Nocturne
    Genres: Comedy
    BPM: 128 - 513 Plays: 30,346
    Length: 2:20 Play Time: 620 hours

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    Todd Bryanton is a Canadian musician and composer. He began posting YouTube videos under the name "LilDeuceDeuce" in 2011. Focusing at first on rap parodies, the LilDeuceDeuce sound has evolved to include a mix of pop-punk, dubstep, and hip-hop. Bryanton has collaborated extensively with Tom "TomSka" Ridgwell. Bryanton has created music for the asdfmovie series, including two original music videos: "I Like Trains" and "Mine Turtle". In addition to his own original material, Bryanton has composed musical underscore for a wide variety of other YouTube projects.