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    Kyle Ward

    Portland, Oregon, United States
    Song Plays: 39 / Fans: 6 / Views: 2643

    Kyle Ward ThirdStyle Levels (All)

    Destiny [as Smiley] stepped by Housekeeper
    Genres: Electronic, Techno, Happy Hardcore
    BPM: 175 Plays: 21,735
    Length: 1:53 Play Time: 327 hours
    Euphoria [as KaW ft. Smiley] stepped by Nocturne
    Genres: Dance
    BPM: 140 Plays: 6,557
    Length: 2:02 Play Time: 128 hours
    Xuxa [as Smiley] stepped by ichliebekase
    Genres: Dance, Happy Hardcore
    BPM: 160 Plays: 12,517
    Length: 1:59 Play Time: 259 hours

    Kyle Ward Biography

    Kyle ward Electronic Music Producer, Entrepreneur and part of the interactive entertainment industry.
    He has participated in the development of the video games: In The Groove, Pump It Up Pro, iDANCE2 and ReRave, and also the majority of music for the ITG series was composed by aliases of Kyle Ward.
    When he's not working or producing, he enjoys: Competitive Swimming, Diving, Racquetball, Spelunking, Zip-lining ATV’ing and various Electronic/Technology projects. "Enjoying life is what I do best!"