RIP Linebro

Firstly I did not really die. I am alive and well. I have since stopped playing music games entirely (Aside from the odd Cytus game or two). I have moved on and it is both happy and sad seeing this website go on without me. I remember I was here for launch. I was one of the pioneers of this fine community. I haven't really played much after my transition onto FFR at the 9th tournament but before that I was a strong defender of this community.The name linebro is as good as dead, I have moved on to other games, ambitions, and interests.

There were people I really enjoyed talking to and I was on the chat on a daily basis. This community was; for a while, a place I called home. I loved playing TS wile on tinychat with the crew.

People I remember were people like Flashpantss, xMusicMasterx and Jonny. There were so many people who took a liking to me. We had amazing moments together. Now I know this community probably isn't what it used to be but I must grow up.

I remember when I used to *sigh* hit on musicmaster (I know she changed her name). When I used to talk all weird like in the chat. But believe me, even though I look back and cringe a bit. I can help but smile. You guys were my friends and I was really happy to talk to you guys. It's been a while.

I might looks on here and talk about the old times when we used to have the mangina meme. I remember sallygwizz38 and all the shenanigans her son caused. But I had fun

Life goes on and I can never really let go of the sense of community this game had for me. It was my #1 hobby for a long ass time. but I gotta say goodbye. All you guys are awesome.


  • NocturneNocturne Simfiler and <span style="font-style:italic">Freakin Graphics Master</span>
    Have a good life man, feel free to stop by in chat randomly as your heart pleases.

    You active on any other communities or streaming sites? Might be interested in following.

    Take care, and enjoy the hoildays season
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