Banned from chat and the mods can't unban me

TheVCRManTheVCRMan Senior Member
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I'm banned from chat, (For no reason, I was sleeping when I got banned) and trunks wasn't able to unban me. So Isak/Tiza can you look into getting me unbanned? thanks m8s


  • OnilateurOnilateur Junior Member
    You are not in the Banned list for some reason. Maybe your IP got banned when there was that guest wave yesterday. I'll try something.
  • OnilateurOnilateur Junior Member
    Heh nevermind, it doesn't work. I think the ban limit is 24h so either wait that long or wait for an admin to do something. If you have V4N's FB give him a shout there, he might notice it faster.
  • TheVCRManTheVCRMan Senior Member
    It is my IP that's banned. And I already did message tiza but he hasn't responded
  • Vote4NixonVote4Nixon BADministrator
    edited July 2014
    sob, smh...

    yep, for some reason you got IP banned during the giant bot wave, but I unbanned all the bots (since we no longer allow guest logins), so you are home free again.

    my apologies for the inconvenience
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