Attention All Simfilers!

Vote4NixonVote4Nixon BADministrator
Hey guys, with the new forum updates, we're looking to get the ball rolling with TS again. Ya know, at least throw in a few updates routinely instead of being dead forever.

I wanted to get a head count of how many active simfilers we still have. Right now, we have maybe 1-2 files in queue, and for a while have not been upholding the judge/batch system since we don't have any active judges. If anyone out there is still interested in stepping for TS and/or has some WIPs, let me know.

Who knows, maybe we can have some more cool events and what not :D.


  • ChloMoDJzChloMoDJz Simfiler and <span style="font-style:italic">TS Resident Navi</span>
    me :D
  • HousekeeperHousekeeper StepCloud Mod
    HEY TIZA im still interested in stepping for ts if i can find a good enough song and have enough free time for it
  • NocturneNocturne Simfiler and <span style="font-style:italic">Freakin Graphics Master</span>
    Already working a song up for submission. Hard/Medium Completed.

    I'm up for some event planning as well m8
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