Phone / App based Music Streaming Service do you guys use?

JasonKeyJasonKey BADministrator
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I personally use Rdio and like it because I have family that use it and recommended it originally. I also use Pandora sometimes .. but Rdio now has a better Radio feature overall with useful random placement meaning I will likely use Pandora less.


  • SirRhythmSirRhythm Chat Mod
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    can't really say i use any of these, i have used spotify in the past but i normally just use google music and upload songs so i cn listen to them anywhere i want.
  • NocturneNocturne Simfiler and <span style="font-style:italic">Freakin Graphics Master</span>
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    Pandora takes the lead
  • DTDsphereDTDsphere Senior Member
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  • MrTeaMrTea Official Back-Up Simfile Judge
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