Help me please donate me money

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Hi, my name is Alex, 17 years and I make electronic music in style the Trance, in the spirit of Rank 1. Recently at me the synthesizer has broken and on new I don't have money, I work, but money pays small, help to collect please on new Roland JP 8000.



  • MrTeaMrTea Official Back-Up Simfile Judge
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    um. samples plz.
  • NocturneNocturne Simfiler and <span style="font-style:italic">Freakin Graphics Master</span>
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    Get a Job.
  • cheezpuffscheezpuffs Senior Member
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    Nocturne;17513 said:
    Get a Job.
    win! True this, but why go scrounging here? don't you have some friends or something where people could help you? Here, the best thing any of us could give you is SP, which practically does nothing in your eyes...

    If you made this account just to ask this, then you won't be here for long...

    Also, why not get another music program? there are many around... ^_^
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