Don't Know If This Would Fall Under This Category But I Guess I'll Post It Here.

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So for the many people who go onto FFR, such as I. I have well not recently, but read the thread stating the new rules; I may be the only person that thinks that they are finally cracking down on the many people on their. I support it so much, because none of the people really follow the rules on their (if there was any rules to begin with I don't know but if there was i don't break them at all). I also like the fact that they pretty much like make you feel like your in school for the whole you do this and its like getting outschool suspension haha. But i like the fact that they are trying to keep their community together and not lose many people, like I said i go onto FFR and really i'm there to get better at these tapping rhythm games cause its the only way to really show people that this IS my hobby (sounds lame, i know). Like i also said I like how they are cracking down on offenders, and people who "cheat" at the game like using bots and stuff and finding glitches and stuff. To me I think that's fantastic, and I thought I would keep the updates with FFR for the people who don't go on and i'll say this but i will be mainly a Thirdstyle user not FFR cause Thirdstyle DOESN'T MAKE MY COMPUTER LAG haha. But yeah tell me if this doesn't fall under this category and tell me if it goes in something else. Thanks, Ty.


  • kislerkisler Publisher
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    actually goes in life & stuff...but it is good feedback on the game, that it doesn't lag :D

    there's rules to follow in both places, but here things are a bit more relaxed. glad to hear you'd like to stick around.

    inb4 george drools all over your avatar
  • KrayzKrayz The Original Elite
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    I think it's cool that it's here! It definitely falls under feedback I think :)

    Thanks a lot for the compliments!
  • JouswayJousway Senior Member
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    FFR and TS lag for me :V
  • SkRAWRkSkRAWRk Simfiler
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    Joke's on you Reed, I already drooled all over his avatar. ;)
  • TheHeartlessTheHeartless Junior Member
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    I drool over my avatar all the time, Alesana is my favorite band of all time. Well you could say im like an encyclopedia of alesana so yeah. I know it sounds alittle creep lol but its true.
  • SkRAWRkSkRAWRk Simfiler
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    I know the tracklisting for their first 3 albums off by heart, along with all the lyrics. Don't worry about it. ;D
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