Calling all Simfilers! Our first batch is starting soon!

ichliebekaseichliebekase Moderator
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Hello all you wonderful Thirdstyle members. We have some news from the simfiling department. Let's first congratulate all of our new Official Main and Back-Up Simfile Judges! Our Main Simfile Judges are samurai7694, Midigami, Nocturne, ichliebekase and krunkykai22, and our Back-Up Judges are currently eiddiM, DefTeaMachine, and Housekeeper! Thank you all for stepping up to the task of judging for Thirdstyle! We are still currently accepting applications for back-up judges as well, so if you believe you have what it takes to help tie up the loose ends of simfiles, check out this thread and apply!

Now, onto bigger business! All of the judges would like to let you guys know that we are currently accepting files for our first official batch! We will be accepting new files sent to the batch email (, and the judges will begin their first week of judging on March 3rd. If you send in your file by that date, then it will be judged from March 4th to March 10th by our team of judges, and on March 11th, the notes for your file will be posted in this thread! Don't be discouraged though; if you are not prepared for the first round of judging or if you prefer to take your time with creating the perfect simfile, this is perfectly okay! You may send in your files to the batch email at any time, even during judgment week! It will just have to wait to be judged until the next batch is gathered and sent to the judges. If you have any questions regarding submission rules, please refer to this thread.

So get your simfiles sent in by March 3rd at 11:59 P.M. EST so we can get a bunch of new content for Thirdstyle! Thanks everyone!


  • MrTeaMrTea Official Back-Up Simfile Judge
    edited February 2013
    dragonforce awaits
  • NocturneNocturne Simfiler and <span style="font-style:italic">Freakin Graphics Master</span>
    edited February 2013
    Yessssss can't wait for the first batch, lets get those files in!
  • cheezpuffscheezpuffs Senior Member
    edited February 2013
    Sweet! I hope my simfile is accepted :D I doubt it though .-.

    How many simfiles are in the batch at the moment?
  • FusionFusion Moderator
    edited February 2013
    Right now there are 6 with the files from the StepCon possibly going into the batch as well, so we may have a LOT more
  • HousekeeperHousekeeper StepCloud Mod
    edited February 2013
    sweet 8)
  • MidigamiMidigami Official Main Simfile Judge
    edited February 2013
    krunkykai22;36559 said:
    Right now there are 6 with the files from the StepCon possibly going into the batch as well, so we may have a LOT more
    rip stepcon
  • PowerstarsPowerstars Senior Member
    edited March 2013
    Midigami;36777 said:
    rip stepcon
    O. RIP.
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