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Welcome to ShineyThigh's GFX Shop

but donations get you priority :) so if there's a long list, and you need something now, its a good idea ;)

If your interested in getting a Professional Signature for your forums or other forums, maybe a logo for your website post a reply :) including the form below
Something Special?:
Email: ( Optional ):
PM When done?:
Shiney's Projects:
-Ranks+Badges for my website
-Major NEiT Updates
@# = Priority Donation (Example: @15 is a $15 donation, so that would get Priority over a @10. However Nice a $0.01 Donation is ... unless its over $1 you WILL NOT get priority... sorry.)

if your would like to see some of my work... click the link below it includes most/all the graphics for my website


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    That's very nice of you to do these things without anything in return. I might ask you to do some things for me in the future.

    On a side note, your welcome message:

    Welcome to No Eye in Team we are a Multi-Console gamming clan and community,

    Please register on our forum and apply to latest contest if you wish. It's free and it only takes a minute.

    gamming => gaming
    community, => community.
    apply to latest contest if you wish. => apply to the latest contests if you wish.
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    lol thanks, i've been updating the site today, might even be more spelling mistakes.

    "Hello everyone,

    Its xShineyThighx here, i just wanted to let everyone know, we are under construction, as we are upgrading our forums to a better version :) (phpBB3) please sit tight while some small changes are made throughout the course of the day. Keep in mind the forum WILL FUNCTION! ... posts are saved I'll try my best to get this over and done with ASAP for everyone.

    Thank-You for your patience,

    - xShineyThighx (Admin)
    - [email][/email] "

    Spelling mistakes are probably gunna be hidden all around the site atm. Sadly i've been having major headaches with forumotion and backing up my website, they keep reseting me
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    If there are any important threads/blogs/news that you need to post, let me know and I can proof-read it for you.
    Hope you get better ASAP.
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    well right now it looks garbage on IE, but for some reason it looks normal on Firefox >_> Forumotion has been ****ing me in the ass with templates all week >_> its annoying. Generally i spell well, those would still be spelling mistakes from March, 6th when i first made the website, btw Fixed.

    (try to keep this about my GFX thread please, thanks for the offer tho)
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