Free to use rythmic game graphics?

SpillerSpiller Senior Member
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I'm working on a small DDR-like game, and I need some simple graphics for it while developing it. My graphics skills are zero though. I just need it for testing purposes it and therefore it is not going to be permanent, so I'm thinking of just stealing a existing SM theme or similar useful graphics.

However it needs to be free to use and modify because even though it will be temporary, there will always be a copy in my git repository which can't be removed. So do any of you know of any graphics with a permissive license I can use?

btw, I'm just as terrible at naming, so if any have suggestions or ideas for that I'm open ears.


  • kislerkisler Publisher
    edited January 2013
    Is your testing build for distribution, or personal use?

    If the images really don't matter, don't bother with how it looks in the testing phase. Just make roughly symmetrical shapes at the size you want. Then licensing becomes a non-issue.
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