Thirdstyle has Frozen over!

ichliebekaseichliebekase Moderator
edited January 2013 in ThirdStyle News
It's been just shy of two weeks since we've had a new release here on Thirdstyle, so we're going to head outside for a bit of cold weather.

Our first new simfile of the year is Frozen (Frozen Opelucid City Remix)! Stepped by ichliebekase, this song was written by youtube artist LugiaDialga who describes herself as a crazy girl who is obsessed with Lugia and loves making Pok


  • Vote4NixonVote4Nixon BADministrator
    edited January 2013
    Great post SARATANA 8)
  • JasonKeyJasonKey BADministrator
    edited January 2013
    fantastic post and great permissions pull!
  • MrTeaMrTea Official Back-Up Simfile Judge
    edited January 2013
    If by frozen ovver you mean borked then ya.
  • DJSuperNOVADJSuperNOVA Junior Member
    edited January 2013
    because of this, now i wanna hear a remixed Black2/White2 Team Plasma Grunt Battle
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