Any good animation / graphics programs?

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I've been trying to find a good animation / graphics program for multiple reasons, such as wanting to contribute to the TS graphics archive, but the main reason I want an animation program is to, of course, make animations! All I really have is Pixlr and WMV, but is there anything which lots of people use? Like on Newgrounds and stuff? :)

Please reply, also, here's something I'm working on for the GameGrumps!


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    First off, cool drawing :D

    Second, from personal experience and who I hang around with (Balrog, Apodsk, Film/Art Majors), it's worth your while checking out the Creative Suite.

    The full Package of Adobe Creative Suite should come with over a dozen programs to help with whatever you are trying to accomplish. The ones that will benefit you most would be: All of these would primarily be impacting your choices for either Sound and Audio Editing, Video and Image Editing, and Publishing it all. It gets very costly downloading all of these at retail prices so do your research on how you wanna start and experiment with some demo versions. Then decide whether or not it's worth your time downloading the rest of checking out other Programs.

    I use CS5 for my photoshop :)
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    Most people on Newgrounds animate with flash, so you might wanna check that out
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    MS paint. Can't go wrong
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