If you won the Lottery...

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$500 Million, and you've just won it. Well, most of it, with taxes taken out, let's say hypothetically you still have over $250,000,000 left.

What would you do with it?

Realistically, what would you do with it? Is it possible to spend it all within 24 hours? Would you save some for retirement? Would you quit your job?

Try to have fun with this, find things on the internet you'd buy and price them. Maybe pay off your college fees ahead of time, maybe purchase a nice house for yourself (and significant other). Maybe a nice whip to ride around town in? Maybe you wouldn't even live in town, maybe you'd live in the Mountains? Or how about Fund a TS meet-up in Japan and buy everyone round trip tickets with week hotel?

Have fun!


  • fishysmells52fishysmells52 Junior Member
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    If I won that much money, I'd probably put most towards charity. I'd keep around $100,000 for a nice house that is right in my favorite town EVER, North Conway New Hampshire! If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's this old Colonial village where the tallest Northeastern US mountain is, the mountain being Mount Washington. Right near there, there's a beautiful lake called Echo Lake. Then there's downtown North Conway, which is more like a village than a town. It's great for people like me who love nature, since the population of people is so small. My family loves vacationing there as well.
  • SaphiraSaphira Simfiler
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    It's funny to see someone that thinks pretty much the same way I do, but I wouldn't quite give it to charities I'd give it to families in need, homless people, so on. Like I'd actually go around and help individuals. Then I'd also help out my family and friends as well. As for me I'd keep enough to get a nice home, decent car, college fund for Saphira and a little extra so I could have some fun too.
  • MrTeaMrTea Official Back-Up Simfile Judge
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    The first thing I'd do is buy the entire Bad Dragon catalog for me and momo.

    And then IDK
  • kislerkisler Publisher
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    Nocturne;29057 said:
    Or how about Fund a TS meet-up in Japan and buy everyone round trip tickets with week hotel?

    We're coming to see you, tebukuro.

    e: I can take my IRL Japanese friend too, because I don't know how often he gets to go.
  • awein999awein999 Profile Mod
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    I don't know. All I know is I'd feel free and I'd see from there. It's too much of a unrealistic situation for me to really think about seriously.
  • SirRhythmSirRhythm Chat Mod
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    alcohol drugs and hookers
  • MrTeaMrTea Official Back-Up Simfile Judge
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    SirRhythm;29631 said:
    One hundred 10,000 dollar hookers or 500,000 five dollar hookers?
  • blitZblitZ Member
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    I'd pay of the debt for my parents house, help out my closest relatives, fund my studies (i'd probably study a lot more than i am going to right now, like get masters in a few things i really like), and leave my self around 20 million dollars. I don't really need more than that, as 10 million dollars would be equal to 14k$ per month for the rest 60 years. I'd travel a lot with that money, and would not miss any TS meet ups. I'd probably fund the members who can't pay for their trip too. The rest of the money would be handed out to those in need, eg. Homeless people, children with cancer, etc, etc..

    EDIT: Why should anyone need that much money anyways? I mean, there is no "right" way of spending it, there are just options that help someone out and some that don't. And 250M$ is way too much for a mere mortal to spend in one night, or you're just stupid (i mean spending it all on your self)
  • SpillerSpiller Senior Member
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    I would buy a semi-popular company (which is less than $500k) which provides a web service. Then I would delete everything and replace the front page with the message: "I'M CLOSING YOUR INTERWEBS".

    Really, there is only two things I want money for currently, a digital piano and a good 30" PC monitor. Rest of the money would probably just used for random things.
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