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Post your flickr here?

Or don't.

I don't care.


  • MrTeaMrTea Official Back-Up Simfile Judge
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    You aren't an entirely terrible photographer.
  • SkRAWRkSkRAWRk Simfiler
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    DefTeaMachine;22997 said:
    You aren't an entirely terrible photographer.
    This. It's refreshing to see someone who looks as if they're actually thinking about camera angles and the shot and stuff, rather than someone claiming they're a 'photographer' because they just throw crappy effects and poor text on a picture.

    Keep up the good work. ^^;
  • HousekeeperHousekeeper StepCloud Mod
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    i prefer to
  • Planning to learn photography so I am thinking to join one of reputed Port Macquarie Photographer as he gives professional photography lessons. My friend also took classes from there and now assisting him. She also want to be a reputed photographer.
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