MegaUpload starts to prepare MegaBox Portal .. money to the musicians?

JasonKeyJasonKey BADministrator
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"MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom may have had most of his assets seized as part of his indictment for criminal copyright infringement in January, but that apparently hasn’t stopped him from working on his next venture. Dotcom gave a first peak at Megabox, which is supposed to become a kind of cloud music service, on Twitter Wednesday, sharing a photo of what looks like a mobile app"


  • cheezpuffscheezpuffs Senior Member
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    Cool, he was gonna rise again! XD
  • NeeshNeesh Publisher
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    Oh cool, so mister Dotcom will be taking more money from musicians. I wonder what % his cut will be.

    FYI - Bandcamp takes about 15% of sales (with the paypal processing fees it rounds up to about 30% loss for the artist). As of right now, all the other available services take much much more from the artist.

    I'm interested about this "earning money from free downloads" bit. As of now, all sites out there that allow for musicians to place their music for free download- have a maximum capacity. Soundcloud's is 100 downloads. Bandcamp's is 300 a month.

    My main issue with sites like megaupload is that those sites and their advertising partners directly profit off the music, leaving the creators of the music in the dust. It's a very unfair balance. It shall be interesting to see the pirate king play nice.

    Thank you for sharing this, Jason!
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