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ShikariShikari Junior Member
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Bandwagoning my good bro Shaun aka Nocturne aka NocturneAunamic, this is a thread for requests. Yeah, I make profile backgrounds at FFR, so here I am to offer my works for you guys, in need of avatars, signatures and naked pictures of your sister's friend. (jk, I can't x-ray and you have the Internet for your fapping needs)

Here's some of my stuff: Razor's, Brazilian flag, samurai7694, Old ass profile.

Just so you know, I may take a while to fulfill your request, considering that I have a job and I'm about to get into college, but I'll keep up with the requests. That's it.


Prices: You name it.

Archive: lol nothing


  • HousekeeperHousekeeper StepCloud Mod
    edited January 2012
    I will pay 1 billion dollars!
  • cheezpuffscheezpuffs Senior Member
    edited January 2012
    this'll be good of TS allowed profile bg's!! :)

    nice arts! You'd do great here! :D

    good luck at college!
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