How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+?

Although Samsung hopes to restore some of the Galaxy Note 7 brings the loss of customers through the delisting of Galaxy S8 with S Pen, but should not let Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 7 appeared completely overlap, after all their products to compete with each other, not a wise choice.

In addition, in addition to supporting S Pen, there is news that Samsung will be equipped with Galaxy S8 for the first time to run large 8GB memory, to further make up for the vacancy Galaxy Note 7 delisting. And if true, then Galaxy S8 will also become the world's first smart phone equipped with 8GB running memory.

Therefore, we believe there will be a lot of old Samsung users will choose a new Samsung S8. However, there are too many data storing on the old phone's memory, just like contacts. To tell you the truth, to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung S8/S8+, you just need the Samsung Data Transfer.

Samsung Data Transfer combines many functions in one, with the hlep of this tool, you can directly transfer all data including contacts, text messages, whatsapp messages, photos, videos, music, call logs, apps and apps data from one Samsung to another with one click, what's more, you are allowed one click to backup & restore Samsung data, permanent wipe all data on old Samsung phone by using this program.

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