The Update to Begin All Updates!

Goooooooood evening, folks! This is your former resident publisher ichliebekase here with a front page post to get us going to, what we hope to be, the first step in our revival from the dead!

I know we still have a couple people who regularly visit our fun community, but what if it was more? I'm willing to bet that everyone has one friend that they have not told about Thirdstyle, and how much fun you have when playing! So, why don't everyone take the link to our site, send it to a friend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media site you use, and lets bring some more friends to our community! Invite them to play, browse our forums, visit the chat, or comment on the profiles! We have always been a welcoming, tight-knit community, dedicated to bringing a fun and exciting game, with a friendly user-base and social setting. So lets bring more friends to enjoy what we all know and love to be a great place to hang out and have fun.

Now, lets direct our attention to all of the new files that have been put into the game that haven't gotten their proper recognition!

The first chart we have for you is actually a chart that was released back on December 27, 2014! But that doesn't mean it shouldn't get it's proper recognition! Pick and Choose is a DnB song by the step artist who kept on stepping during the slow few years that step artists seemed to dwindle away; ChloMoDJz. The song is by an artist you have seen before, Or4nges, who has other titles on Thirdstyle such as Copypasta and Platform. ChloMoDJz didn't listen to the title very particularly, since he did not stick with one specific BPM throughout the entire song, so keep on your toes as you map your way through!

Play Pick and Choose now!

Fast forward almost six months to our next chart, Alive [ft Krewella]! Released on June 3rd, 2015, this chart was brought to us from what may be another familiar name, Saphira! You may also recognize the song by Krewella, but the song featured here on Thirdstyle is the remix by Pegboard Nerds. This dubstep song will get you in the groove with it's upbeat tempo and bursty tricks, keeping a smooth flow throughout the entire song.

Play Alive [ft Krewella] now!

With their first chart released on August 4th, 2015, we'd like to welcome our newest step artist, RabbitSweaters, with their song Blow in the Cartridge! This is an electric song by Wavelength that you certainly cannot just blow off, since you must keep on your toes for strategically placed BPM changes and a bit of X-mod by the end of the song. Don't blink, this cartridge is locked and loaded!

Play Blow in the Cartridge now!

We have veteran simfile artists, we have new simfile artists, but this is certainly a chart for the record books! Resident BADmin Vote4Nixon has been stepping for over 10 years, and has now reached 30 simfiles on Thirdstyle that were solely created by him (meaning he stepped every single difficulty)! The song that put him to this milestone is {Barbed Wire} MAC7, the 5th song by cornandbeans to appear in Thirdstyle, all recognizable by their trademark bracketed song names. One of the shortest songs in the game at only 44 seconds, {Barbed Wire} gives you some solid streams with a funky DnB beat.

Play {Barbed Wire} MAC7 now!

And last, but certainly not least, we have our newest simfile that was added today, Bedtime Story! Don't get too comfortable in your bed for this chart, because before his retirement from stepping, Zero gave us one doozy of a great file full of twists and turns for a popular chiptune by Virt. After completing the hard chart, he passed the rest of the file to Nocturne to complete the beginner, easy and medium charts for all of us to enjoy.

Play Bedtime Story now!

We would like to take a moment to show our appreciation for all of the people who continue to give us great simfiles for everyone to enjoy. If you feel up to the challenge of stepping for Thirdstyle, or if you already have a chart you think might be ready to be presented, please let Vote4Nixon or myself know, and hopefully we can help you get a pretty yellow name!

Thank you and have a wonderful night everyone!


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