iDoll Spirits are Piss Keepers!

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After all the deadness on Thirdstyle, here we are to give you some files from different artists and simfilers.


First off we have a Gabber, J-Core song named iDoll Spirits 2000 composed by our new artist on Thirdstyle, DJ Sharpnel. DJ Sharpnel is the collective alias for Japanese electronic artists Jea and Lemmy. Via their independent label Sharpnel Sound, they release CD albums consisting of their own speedcore, gabber, happy hardcore and trance works as well as guest tracks from acquaintances of the group, such as DJ Chucky, m1dy and M-Project. Although DJ Sharpnel never describes Lemmy as a DJ or producer, she has created several songs, such as those listed on SRPC-0004. This streamy J-Core song was stepped by our sexy simfiler Housekeeper.

Play Housekeeper's iDoll Spirits 2000 now!

Turn on your headsets and listen to DJ Sharpnel here:
Official Site

After almost half a year, here we are again to give you some breakbeat song from this Canadian electronic musician, Venetian Snares. The song is called Shoreline Gold [As Last Step] and Last Step is an alias of Winnipeg's Aaron Funk a.k.a. Venetian Snares. This song was stepped by our simfiler DefTeaMachine who is now referred to as MrTea. Buy this now on the Store for only 25 Stylepoints.

Play Shoreline Gold [As Last Step] on TS now!


And for the last, The Prince of Pisscore just arrived on Thirdstyle, let us all welcome $44,000 with his song 100 Sec. Chiset Battle!! $44,000 is from Portland, Maine. The song was stepped by the simfiler who will save the Thirdstyle's Stepping World, MrTea.

Words from $44,000:
I'm a rapper. Got a lot of things to do during the day. So something like being beaten with a club, pepper sprayed, and tazed for expressing my political views would really slow me down.

Get a 100 Sec. Battle!! with this one on Thirdstyle!

Listen to $44,000 Pisses:
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