Sweetness and Love in Your Arms

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The following is a guest post from Dell!


First off we have the popular speedcore artist m1dlet returning to Thirdstyle! The song Die In Your Arms Tonight was published by Splitterblast Records on June 7th, 2010. Brace yourself for a tough file, at a quick 250 BPM it has 16ths stream throughout, and some 32nd burst rolls as well! The easy, medium, and hard difficulties were stepped by accomplished publisher and simfiler, ChloMoDJz! The beginner difficulty was stepped by one of our fearless leaders, Tiza the Snow Fairy, more commonly known as Vote4Nixon.

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Thirdstyle Backstage


Next we have an artist debut with a stepfile just released last night! Welcome 3R2 to Thirdstyle with the song Sweetness and Love, a collaborative effort between 3R2 and DJ Mashiro. The duo from Taiwan composed this specifically to be released on the popular iOS and Android rhythm game, Cytus. All four difficulties were stepped by our very own ChloMoDJz, way to go man, keep it up with the releasing of more great files!

Here are some more ways to keep up with 3R2 and DJ Mashiro!
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3R2 on last.fm--------------DJ Mashiro on last.fm
3R2 on Twitter--------------DJ Mashiro on Twitter
3R2 on Facebook
3R2's Thirdstyle Backstage

Peace and fluffy jellybeans.
Stay classy Thirdstyle.
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