Infinity at Japan!

ChloMoDJzChloMoDJz Simfiler and <span style="font-style:italic">TS Resident Navi</span>
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ParagonX9 is a music artist from Almere, Netherlands and producing music on Newgrounds since 2003. She is known for her Chaoz songs and other video game remixes. Today, we have one of her song here, Infinity. This streamy file was stepped by our simfiler ChloMoDJz. This song is based from apxn's song Triple Gear.

Play Infinity on Thirdstyle now!

Listen to ParagonX9 here:
Last Fm


And lastly, Nocturne is back to the stepping world after like 1 month with his stepfile Kuro No Saihate composed by our new Artist on Thirdstyle, Hujiko Pro. This file is easy at the beginning but when you reach the middle part, there are some 64th rolls and jump jacks waiting for you.

Play Kuro No Saihate now!

Be sure to check out for more Hujiko Pro music from the links below:
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