I Like Your Hat

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Get ready with some keyboard smashin' with our new song and new simfiler.

It's been a quite while since we have seen a Danpaladin song in game. So here we are with our new song I Like Your Hat by DanPaladin (a.k.a. synj).This song has some jacks in the hard file at 125 BPM (but I think you can do it). Speaking of DanPaladin, he is an American video game artist and designer who also makes music. DanPaladin also draws, you can see some of his drawings here. This file was stepped by our new simfiler and most active chatter on Thirdstyle, Onilateur.

Here are some words from the simfiler:

I'm a layering freak, so I did just that for that file, with different degrees of layering depending on the difficulty and how natural it felt. No instrument was stressed in the making of this file. As such the hard file is full of jacks, the medium is really fluid and the easy has silences. I won't take responsibility for the beginner.

Be sure to like Onilateur's Hat and Play I Like Your hat now!

Check out DanPaladin on Newgrounds and on his official site.

V4N Edit: Also, be sure to congratulate ChloMoDJz on achieving the status of Publisher for all his efforts to keep the front page up to date! Great job DJz!
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