Run Free and Kill the Chicken!

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The following is yet another guest post by ChloMoDJz. Hats off to him for helping keep the front page up-to-date!

After being away for a while, we are here to give you some dubstep and techno songs by our 2 simfilers.


Since the last Modigs song on ThirdStyle, this producer from Sweden is back with his song Run Free. This file has a quite long streamy patterns with 32nd rolls on hard but don't get tired because some stops are waiting for you after this streamy patterns. Me, ChloMoDJz stepped this one. Buy this now on the cool Store for 50 Stylepoints.

SoundCloud and Newgrounds
Play Run Free now on Thirdstyle!


Next we have Etude Pour Deux, another dubstep song from our new artist on ThirdStyle, a 17 year old producer from Los Angeles, Vexare. This song was stepped by our simfiler omgfail.

Vexare songs are here: SoundCloud or Youtube.
Play Etude Pour Deux now!

But lastly, I found a chicken, a chicken that makes cool sound? Oh mang that was insane. It is the song ChiCkEn TeCHno, with a chicken beat. This 1 minute song was requested by RubberChickin and me ChloMoDJz stepped it (I hope you’re happy now Chickone). This song is composed by a Newgrounds artist RagingBananas.

RagingBananas on Newgrounds
Play ChiCkEn TeCHno and feel the chicken beat!


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