Twirl the Video With a Bit of Chaoz

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The following is a guest post by one of our prolific simfilers Vote4DJz, who now is referred to as ChloMoDJz.

After a long long time since the last update, we are here again to bring you some moar files from different artists and simfilers.


Break your fingers with this breakcore song Twirl by a Canadian electronic musician Venetian Snares that will challenge you because of its tricky gimmicks and some speedups that DefTeaMachine did. You are really good at making those gimmicks DTM.

The second song is another file by DefTeaMachine that is called Video Out E. This songs has a few slowdowns so be sure to watch your fingers not to be much faster and listen carefully to this piano, breakbeat song by Vospi. You can buy this song in the store for 150 StylePoints, it's worth it!


Oh mang, DefTeaMachine owns this post, because he has another file stepped with gimmicks (DTM likes to step gimmicks). Another Chaoz song by ParagonX9, Chaoz Twilight. This streamy song at 172 bpm will sure make your fingers tired.

As you may know, we have a new forum transition worked by our badministrator isk. But sure to re-login your account to see this new forum transition. Write your comments, reactions here about this new forum.

Happy arrowmashing to all of you guys.


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