An article I wrote about Game Polish for Mochi


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    give us some meat :P .. whats this a freakin diet here?

    Past that, first thing .. thats awesome!

    Second thing .. give em hell:

    Tasselfoot (Mike Pollack) is a professional Flash gamer, walkthrougher, and tester. His videos on YouTube have been viewed over 56 million times. He’s worked with jmtb02, LongAnimals, Hero Interactive, Ben Olding, zeebarf, Joey Betz, and many others to polish their games. From 2007-2009, Tass oversaw the daily operation of, a rhythm game with over 500 million gameplays. Visit Tasselfoot

    Your linking is busted .. did you go all slack on the URLS when you sent it to them? ;)
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    Thanks but there was a little stuff making me annoyed. I was curious about the link but it refused to the
    lead the browser to the page. :(
    Can you see the problem?
  • kislerkisler Publisher
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    Author credit is more content filled than the actual article. I am very disappointed. Polish, to me, is still a language.
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