The Return of Vote4Nixon to the Stepping World!

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That's right guys, resident badmin Vote4Nixon has come back from ded land and graced us with a new simfile, Endless Sky!

This "Rickycore" choon is by I See Stars featuring Danny Worsnop, the lead singer of Asking Alexandria. I See Stars is an electronic rock band hailing from Detroit, Michigan. They have released 3 albums to date (3-D, The End of the World Party, Digital Renegade) and is currently in the studio preparing another album. Endless Sky is from their most recent album Digital Renegade. Check out their facebook and be sure to give them a like!

Stay on your toes while playing through this file, because before you know it, you'll have some fun gimmicks to some heavy guitar to try to end your run. Here are some words from the simfiler himself, Vote4Nixon!

"V4N returns to the world of arrows for a brief moment to grace TS with another masterpiece from the Rickycore collection. A long time ago, badmin DrugstoreCowboy was asking people to step I See Stars to spread the glory that is ThirdStyle, and I wanted to rise to the occasion for him and his backstage betties. This one is for all the h8rz, peace and prosper."

Play Endless Sky [ft. Danny Worsnop] now!

One final reminder! Submissions for batch 002 end in less than 48 hours, at 11:59 P.M. on Sunday, March 24th! Get your submissions in to the batch email ( so we can continue to have a great flow of jopnn me's!


  • PowerstarsPowerstars Senior Member
    edited February 2014
    I'm not even into this type of music but the file was awesome. Welcome back, Tiza.
  • JasonKeyJasonKey BADministrator
    edited March 2013
    All I am sayin is ....

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