We at ThirdStyle are thankful for the most important thing to ever be a part of ThirdStyle, the Mangina. Since it is the season of giving after all, we decided to kick it up a notch and add a new special item to the store, the Manpon.

With only a limited amount of 20 released, those that diligently stalked the store were rewarded with fresh Manpons at 500 SP a piece!

We also had a contest akin to the Halloween event's "Who's Who on ThirdStyle" named "The Oldest Mangina." You can read about it try the questions for yourself here and see the answers here if you are stumped!

The Oldest Mangina Participants

UsernameCorrect AnswersStylePoints-
kisler 18 90
SirRhythm 17 85
Volupture 15 75
Housekeeper 15 75
FalcoPWNch 13 65
Bloodyy 10 50
ichliebekase 10 50
blitZ 7 35
DTDsphere 2 10