4/20 Marathon

To get involved, you'll first need to create a new account on ThirdStyle that is your account name preceded by "420-" (no quotation marks). For example, user kisler would use 420-kisler. Your new username must follow that format, or you'll end up rendering your scores ineligible.

With all of your scores zeroed out on a fresh new username, get the highest total highscore possible on your 420- account. Your total highscore is the sum of all your highest scores on all charts across any difficulty. This is NOT your total score; each chart's highest score is only counted once no matter how many times you play it.

StylePoints rewards go out to the top ten. In addition, there are three more delicious manginas up for grabs; however, they may not show up as often, if at all, in the future! Carpe diem!

Arrow-mashing is over! Congratulations to the following winners...

UsernameHighscore Total-Prize
1 420-SirRhythm (real) 227,090,900 Mangina, 500 StylePoints
2 420-Nobody (real) 157,437,400 Mangina, 400 StylePoints
3 420-Housekeeper (real) 152,868,247 Mangina, 400 StylePoints
4 420-tebukuro (real) 145,284,291 300 StylePoints
5 420-Heronius (real) 113,165,448 300 StylePoints
6 420-Bloodyy (real) 59,229,522 200 StylePoints
7 420-xMUSICxMASTERx (real) 50,218,231 200 StylePoints
8 420-Shiki (real) 41,274,562 100 StylePoints
9 420-IchigoKurosaki1 (real) 35,431,910 100 StylePoints
10 420-awein999 (real) 31,788,886 100 StylePoints
11 420-SkRAWRk (real) 28,919,724 A pat on the back
12 420-Nocturne (real) 19,556,880 A pat on the back
13 420-Midigami (real) 14,332,006 A pat on the back
14 420-axon (real) 12,080,720 A pat on the back
15 420-ErickProdigy (real) 8,630,469 A pat on the back
16 420-FalcoPWNch (real) 5,653,561 A pat on the back
17 420-DJzAIKz (real) 3,641,396 A pat on the back